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Subject : pandora shine sale australia
Necklaces brand pandora charms online australia has presented its new collection, Pandora Me, targeted Generation Z consumers and modelled by means of Stranger Things actress Millie Bobby Brown. Described as a whole new and minimalist collection of “empowering and symbolic jewellery to get Gen Z”, Pandora My family aims to promote self-expression with the hope of encouraging a new systems of jewellery fans to create in addition to collect miniature charm dangles and modern bracelets.

The collection consists of 55 designs like micro dangle charms, cheap pandora wish sales a traffic bracelet, single stud earrings as well as a safety pin brooch and is particularly centred around self-expression in addition to designed to “capture the adores and passions of customers by small collectable charms”.

Often the jewellery is made from recycled jewelry and responsibly sourced pandora shine sale australia pebbles and features motifs including blue moons, bumble bees, lips, musical notes in addition to unicorns, with the idea that empowering jewellery is based on the experiences that make them who they are and every piece within the collection possesses a meaning, with Pandora introducing, “it’s up to the wearer to help define it”.

Commenting for the new collection, Pandora’s inspiring disney pandora charms au directors, Francesco Terzo as well as a. Filippo Ficarelli, said in a very statement: “The beauty of Pandora Me is that one person considers a symbol one way, and other people sees it another way. It’s a more playful way to express yourself and your story - necklaces doesn’t have to be serious. ”

Posted on November, 21 2019 07:48:42 AM

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