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Subject : Roulette: a winning strategy.
Roulette: a winning strategy.

There are several types of roulette: classic, American, French, without zero, European. Is there any universal way to win at roulette? Let's see.

Roulette: a winning strategy
American roulette was brought to the continent by the French and its main difference in the presence of an additional slot 00 or double zero. It provides for more than a dozen different rates, which are divided into internal and external. There is also one more detail – you can bet on five numbers. There is no such possibility in European roulette.
In European and French roulette there are also other nuances. For example, both have prison rules.
In addition, there is still a rule zero, when the zero comes up, all bets except for bets on zero go to the casino.

Roulette without zero changes the rule of the game completely equalizing the chances of the player and the casino. The absence of zero makes some of the rules and bets impossible, leaving only part of the bets.

Regardless of the type of roulette there are several well working of winning strategies: Martingale, Chernyshova, Super Score. They all work on the same principle.

This strategy stems from the martingale method, which allows you to win in a short game of roulette. Using this method, in a short session, you can guarantee a profit, however, although small.

The method is that bets are made according to a certain scheme - you should always put on the same field. From this system comes a later version of the stategii – Chernyshov system, which works only with a certain sector of black\white. According to the strategy, the player can choose not only the sector by color, but on the basis of even\odd, small\large. With each loss, the bet is doubled. That's how strategy works.

The system of doubling bets works with both traditional roulette and online roulette, it does not matter whether you choose French, American or American roulette. The principle of this strategy is simple – if the sector is constant, you double the bet in case of loss, which allows you to increase profits with luck and bring profits for a long period to the original rate.

Given the percentage chance of loss of a particular sector of roulette 50 \ 50, this strategy pays off quickly enough, although not in a very large volume.

Using its modification method Chernyshov or their connection can earn even more. The main thing that both strategies imply is attentiveness and risk-taking.

This system has been tested by many generations of players and is a reliable, time-tested method that works with any roulette. With a continuous sequence, the system will compensate you for all losses during the game.

Second operating system - system Chernyshova – a kind of modification of the strategy of Martindale. But it involves changing the rate in case of repeated loss of the same sector. For example, if four times in a row falls red, you need to change the rate and put on black. This is especially effective in the online casino system, where all the results are stored. You, like, predict the change of the sector in advance and make money on this change.

On the basis of the martingale system also works super Score strategy, which is based on tracking trends and works best in online roulette with the history of spins. Making empty bets, watching the results of each round, and when a sector fell twice in a row put on it. If the bet wins, we keep repeating it until we lose. After that, go back to the start and wait again.

Posted on March, 22 2019 02:45:08 PM


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I really liked your text in the subject. After all, to find such on the Internet you need to spend some time. I know this game. After all, table roulette in casinos for many centuries has been the cause of the instant transformation of an ordinary player into the owner of a fabulous state. And vice versa can turn a wealthy person into a beggar. Everything here depends on the favor of fortune. It seems strange to many that gambling roulette has several basic varieties. And different versions of the game differ in certain key parameters as well as in the gameplay features.

Posted on March, 29 2019 01:20:46 PM


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The game of roulette is very popular and delivers true enjoyment. Internal bets provide an opportunity to get big winnings. Players believe that betting on equal chances will help win big. You can bet on the color of even or odd small numbers or large numbers. However, it is worth remembering that the casino always has a slight advantage. When you use this strategy a constant win is not guaranteed, however, the chance to win is really good. Try to play in free mode to get an idea of ??the winning strategies that would be worth choosing to play for real money. Recently, many roulette game strategies have become very popular.

Posted on April, 02 2019 09:23:35 PM


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, Pakistan

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I would also advise when it comes to roulette and any other gambling game you should bet as much money as you can afford to lose. As soon as you decide for yourself how much money you are ready to lose, do not change this amount and do not be tempted to bet even more money. Although it is easier said than done, there are several ways to control this temptation, for example, to reduce alcohol consumption and write down the amount on paper and keep the paper with you as a reminder or you can tell a friend to control you.

Posted on April, 03 2019 12:09:31 AM

New Age

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I never tried to play roulette. Something tells me that I will never win at roulette by selecting numbers. More like to play slot games. Here and the atmosphere is different and more lucky. But I put the most minimal amount. I don’t even think about risks. These are not the numbers that I was going through.

Posted on April, 15 2019 02:51:54 PM

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