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BEIJING: Apple's devices have never appeared on a Chinese list of products eligible to be bought with public money Authentic Philadelphia Flyers Jersey , state media quoted an official as saying, denying reports the US tech giant had been excluded from the latest line-up.

Reports said that China removed 10 Apple devices Authentic Ottawa Senators Jersey , including MacBook laptops and the iPad, from a government procurement list over security concerns. But the China Government Procurement News Authentic New York Islanders Jersey , which is run by the finance ministry, cited an unnamed ministry official as saying that Apple's goods had never appeared in the "energy-saving product list" Authentic New York Rangers Jersey , which is updated roughly every six months.

Computers, including laptops and tablets Authentic New Jersey Devils Jersey , have to be classed as "energy-saving" to be purchased by the government, according to a statement accompanying the latest list Authentic Nashville Predators Jersey , posted on the finance ministry's website.

The report late Thursday cited the official saying 10 Apple products had initially been on a draft list soliciting public opinions, but the company did not hand in relevant paperwork in time. It had therefore "never been included in the government procurement list of energy-saving products" Authentic Montreal Canadiens Jersey , the official was quoted as saying.

Apple products are popular in China and long queues of buyers have often besieged the company's outlets when a new gadget is launched. But the California-based firm has also frequently become a target of criticism tinged with nationalist sentiment.

Chinese state broadcaster CCTV last month accused Apple of threatening national security through the iPhone's ability to track and time-stamp a user's location, following a campaign in March 2013 orchestrated by domestic media on behalf of consumers critical of poor after-sales service.

In 2012 the US company paid US$60 million to settle a dispute with a Chinese firm over the iPad trademark.


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