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DHAKA Orlando Brown Jr. Jersey , Sept. 2 (Xinhua) -- Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Wednesday inaugurated the first-ever international cricket tournament for disabled people in capital Dhaka.

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), in collaboration with Bangladesh's Ministry of Youth and Sports, Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) and Bangladesh Krira Shikkha Protishtan (BKSP) Mark Andrews Jersey , organized the five-nation international cricket tournament.

Afghanistan, Bangladesh, England Hayden Hurst Jersey , India and Pakistan participated in the tournament.

The hosts will face England in the opening match on Wednesday.

Organizers said the nine-day tournament aims at creating and raising disability awareness across the world.

Although the tournament was to be inaugurated in a gala ceremony on the field, the incessant rain from morning here forced the organizers to hold it simply inside a room in the stadium after about an hour delay.

In her speech at the ceremony, the Bangladeshi prime minister said the physically challenged have contributed to all sections of the society and questioned why cricket should be any different.

Paralympics and cricket tournament for the blind have shown how the physically-challenged can bring honor to their countries Wholesale Baltimore Ravens Jerseys , she said.

"The physically challenged are not our burden, they can be our asset," said Bangladesh ICRC Head of Delegation Christine Cipolla while thanking all stake holders' concern for efforts to hold the tournament successfully.

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What type of trucks Cheap Ravens Jerseys , wheels and other parts do cheap Almost skateboards have? Obviously one would take all of these into consideration when buying a skateboard at a low price. Remember, not only does the deck determine the quality and efficiency of the skateboard, but the other parts are also equally important. You can be rest assured of the quality of wheels which are made of polyurethane Tim Williams Ravens Jersey , and even the trucks are made of a sturdy material and are light in weight. Consider the size of the wheels and the height of the trucks before making a final selection from the collection of cheap Almost skateboards. Large and soft wheels match longboards and small and hard wheels are ideal for tricks in skateboarding. Thus, along with the designs of wheels consider its size and hardness so that you can choose a cheap skateboard with best suitable wheels.

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RIO DE JANEIRO, April 26 (Xinhua) -- With the Rio Olympics only 100 days away, the city mayor of Rio de Janeiro Eduardo Paes told Xinhua that the Games will bring more benefits to the city than FIFA World Cup two years ago.

""There is a common sense - valued by the International Olympic Committee as well - that hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games is only worth for a city if the event promotes transformations that will benefit its citizens,"" said Paes in a email interview with Xinhua.

""The Games are an opportunity, the catalyst, for solving questions that had been compromising the quality of life of Rio's citizens for decades.""

Before the 2014 World Cup, there were lots of protests in Brazil towards holding such big scale event, while the IOC said that a recent survey shows 70 percent of local people support the Olympics.

""As for the World Cup, there was barely any legacy to the population. The investment was centered in building or revamping stadiums. Rio 2016 Games were planned having the legacy in mind, as previously described, and the message has been clearly sent to the population - who has been taking part in the legacy projects that the event is producing even before the event itself happens,"" said Paes.

In the Games' preparation, Brazilian government issued the Public Policy Regulation, gathering 27 projects pr. Basketball Jerseys From China MLB Jerseys Wholesale Custom Soccer Jerseys From China Authentic NFL Jerseys Cheap Authentic NHL Jerseys China Nike NFL Jerseys China Throwback MLB Jerseys Cheap College Hockey Jerseys Wholesale Adidas NHL Jerseys China Replica Soccer Jerseys Cheap

Posted on November, 03 2018 11:07:45 AM

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