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Subject : vss in my own life was not enough for me.& Marc derives his greatest joy from teaching what
Anthony Morrison

“As someone who puts on seminars and speaks at many events around the country I consider myself to know a great deal about the industry. When I attended “The View” I had a vision in my mind of what it would be like Cheap Rashard Robinson Jersey , just like the other events I have attended.

I was completely wrong. The View put on by Marc Accetta was by far the most entertaining and motivating events I have ever attended in my life. I would highly suggest anyone and everyone attend one of his events if you want to further your success in whatever it is your doing.

One thing I do know is if you change your mindset you change your level of success. Marc Accetta is a master at helping people change their mindset to welcome the success that they desire.

By far the best event I have ever attended in my life. I think everyone should experience this to see what it’s like to be completely empowered by your own mind for success and happiness through Marc Accetta’s trainings.”

Nancy Lieberman
Basketball Hall of Famer – Dallas, TX
Nancy Lieberman

“Marc Accetta is a master of teaching you business and leadership principles all while you are sitting there laughing at all his genius routines. Who knew learning could be this much fun and be so powerful at the same time.”

T. Charles Pierson
President and Chief Executive Officer Big Brother Big Sister – Dallas, TX
T. Charles Pierson

“Marc Accetta is a true American hero. Personally, he is an awesome Big Brother and passionately committed as a Champion for children. Professionally, he is extremely talented and experienced. Most importantly, though, his personality, skill and experience allow him to relate to and motivate people from all walks of life. He is truly an inspiring person who is able to help others maximize their potential through his trainings.”

Tim & Hali Gillin
General Contractor & Century 21 Advantage Gold – Las Vegas, NV
Tim & Hali Gillin

“As a busy real estate professional for over 20 years and a successful general contractor, we were always of the mindset that we had received the best possible sales training, until we went to our first weekend training by Marc Accetta.

Marc Accetta gives us insight into the way we think, but more importantly, the way people who are different from us process information. With the tools for communication we have now learned, we have a better marriage, a better relationship with our daughter, and better businesses.

We understand what it takes to grow a team of people and to teach them to duplicate our efforts. This is the first time we’ve ever done network marketing, and we attribute all of our success to the fact that we plugged into the system Marc Accetta provides, and had our team do the same.

Each time we go we learn something new that provides value to building a business and communicating more effectively. We highly recommend anyone who’s dealing with the public to take the time to get the information Marc & Kelly Accetta provide.

On a part-time basis we are the #9 income earners, while still maintaining our full-time careers. This would never have been possible without the training from Marc & Kelly Accetta. We now look forward to what’s coming next and the fantastic time we have learning from such a smart, funny, and creative team.”

When Marc graduated Seton Hall University in 1982 with a degree in Political Science, he had no idea what direction his life would take. He entered the world of sales at the urging of a friend named Gary. Marc did not feel he would be very successful in that world but he decided to give it a shot since he had no other lucrative opportunities awaiting. A little over thirty years later, Marc has excelled at every sales related business he has ventured into. From direct selling, to recruitment, to management, and ultimately training, Marc has put together an overwhelmingly successful resume of achievements.

Marc is currently the Founder of Marc Accetta Seminars and the Director of Training for the explosive internet based Travel Company of WorldVentures. Marc addresses live audiences every month where he impacts tens of thousands of lives every year. Marc also produces a wide variety of CD’s and DVD’s and is working on the completion of his next book.

Marc was initially a student of all he now teaches. Marc says, &I did not grow up with a high level of self confidence or self esteem.& He attended dozens of live seminars over the last 30 years, has read hundreds of books, and has studied many highly successful people. &I had a burning desire to improve in any way I could, in all areas of my life.& Marc took the information and put it into action. That action started to yield results. As the results started to mount up, his self esteem and self confidence increased with them. Ultimately, Marc developed a passion for teaching everything that he had learned over the years. &I realized that achieving succechis life studies have taught him to others.

Marc shares his passions with many people through his live seminars and coaching programs, but he also speaks at schools and youth organizations whenever his schedule allows for it. He and his wife Kelly became active members of Big Brother Big Sister in 2004. There experience with their little brother William inspired them to become even more involved with the organization. They inspired many others to become Big Brothers and Sisters and ultimately were asked to head up the local Board of Directors for BBBS.

The success they have enjoyed with BBBS has inspired them to found their Unstoppable Foundation which will teach

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Posted on October, 16 2018 02:38:37 PM

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