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Subject : The flower is in tears, because it
The flower is in tears, because it is about to wither; the swallow is crying because it has to leave its home and move to the south... And at that moment, I shed tears, because I lost a grateful heart!The weather is so sunny, the flowers spread out their hands and enjoy the fresh air of the morning. From time to time, they exude a tempting aroma. The birds lifted the scorpion and sang and broke the quiet little city. At that moment, everything was angry. It??s flourishing. All this, reflecting a young boy on the playground, today, their faces seem to hang a little more smile than usual. __There are special lectures today Marlboro Lights, and you can escape the cage of the textbook.The grateful lecture gradually opened the curtain. The opening ceremony of the host made us laugh, and inadvertently, we slowly deepened the subject.Students and teachers in the Ya'an earthquake; the incredible move of the mother under the slate..." The voice of the host was very impassioned. The classmates on the playground, the teachers were already crying, the birds were no longer singing, and the flowers I remembered the teacher holding back the pain and facing us Newport Cigarettes, the figure of the blackboard on the blackboard; I remembered that my mother got up early in the morning to prepare the breakfast for me; I remembered that my father went to work in the distance, when I got on the train, I stepped back and looked back; when I remembered my mischief The scene that made them worry Newport Cigarettes Coupons... The tears unknowingly slipped over the face, and wanted to talk, but there was a sour taste left in my heart! I finally The flowers are withered, and when there is a time to open, the birds will fly far away, and when they will come back, only if your heart is lost, there will be nothing. At that moment, I will cry, because, I have regained a grateful heart!I am a shell immersed in the sea, ordinary, inconspicuous. But I firmly believe that in a hundred years, even a thousand years later, I will definitely take my , a little girl who is ordinary, but has the "strong" that others have unexpectedly. If he is injured, he will endure the pain and smile and say nothing. After the grievance Marlboro Cigarettes Online, a person is lying on the table, never Ken is crying in front of his classmates and has always been strong.People who know me think that I am very quiet. People who have been with me feel that I am crazy. Only those who Whenever I am at night, I will always lean against the window and look at the distant sky, listening to this vibrant thing. A fallen bird, a withered flower, a piece of paper on the ground. .... will ecause of this, every article in my hand will be inked and wounded. In fact, I can't describe why I am doing this. I just know that in these words, I feel helpless and sad.Where does the sadness come from? Maybe I like to read the old too much. If I can't get it, I can work hard to fight for it, but I can only miss it if I lose it!hree years ago Cheap Cigarettes, I was a little girl in the countryside who was carefree in my brother's sister's love, and I made my first friend at that time. We have nothing to say, he can always solve problems for me. But because of my curiosity, I followed my parents and left my hometown full of childhood memories, leaving my brother and sister who have always regarded me as a pearl, and left me without

Posted on September, 14 2018 12:09:14 PM

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