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Subject : ou see, the stars in the sky
ou see, the stars in the sky are shining, is there a shining house?, there is a beautiful everyone __ motherland, there is also a warm little home __ my safe havenMy safe haven is not gorgeous. It is simple. It is a blue sky raised by my father. My mother is taking care of the blue sky, and my sister and I are decorated in a safe haven to make it angry.Do you know why it is my safe haven? In fact, the home is a safe haven for everyone. When you are in a bad mood with friends, it will accompany you quietly; when you are wronged outside, it will quietly Listen to your complaints; when you lose your temper and slam the door, only it, the home that is not gorgeous, will wait bitterly. Looking forward, looking forward to the next second stair corner with your figure. Only home, Only it will open the door for you unconditionally when you need it most. Only it...ome, I am sorry! Under your solid arms, I have grown up, but I still occasionally make troubles. I am tempted by Missy Cheap Cigarettes, I blame, complaining why you are not gorgeous, complaining about why you are bound me, let me Not free. Every holiday, you always look at me tightly, let me stay home to do homework. I have resentful of you, sorry! You are the most beautiful, everything is done for me Cigarettes Cheaper.til now, your appearance, every inch of your land, I have not had time to watch it carefully, how beautiful you are. Tall! Do you also hate ome, our best safe haven Cigarette Tobacco For Sale, the most beautiful paradise! The most beautiful thing in your heart is your appearance. The most precious thing is your existence, the most moving, but you are always there!That class is unique and has been unforgettable in my memory. After that class, Teacher Liu wrote on the blackboard: "The six-unit paper is completed within 15 minutes." After writing, Teacher Liu pointed er Liu??s nephew began to become dumb from the previous night. Since he has been insisting on class, he can??t talk today and can only do mouth-shaped. The class bell rang, the teacher hoarse and scorpion, said in a very low, almost inaudible voice: "Students, my voice is dumb, can't talk, and some can only be written for everyone, so we need everyone to actively cooperate." The voice was exhausted and hoarse, as if it was exhausted.he teacher's good intentions and silently took out the pencil case. Other students also understood the meaning of the teacher, and they promised to cooperate with the teacher to take this class. After a while, Teacher Liu walked over to a loud-sounding classmate and said something to him Marlboro Cigarettes. After listening to the classmate, the classmate immediately told us what to learn Newport Cigarettes. After that, we read the words as usual. After that, the content that the teacher wants to talk about is ??translated?? by a few careful students, or Mr. Liu writes directly on the blackboard.

Posted on September, 14 2018 12:08:53 PM

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