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Subject : you need to lay on the floor similar
Golf history was made when a Russian astronaut hit a golf ball through Earth's orbit.

Golf record

One small step for man is one giant leap for golfers as a cosmonaut a hit golf ball in space. It was planned months in advance. Russian cosmonauts decided they wanted to attempt a golf record and hit a golf ball into Earth's orbit Arijanet Muric Jersey , and on the 23 November 2006 they did just that, making golfing history.

Golf balls in space

Where no golf balls have ever gone before space. It's pretty much guaranteed that's one golf ball they won't retrieve and who knows if any passing aliens come across the object what they will make of it? It is expected the golf ball, hit by Russian astronaut and flight engineer Mikhail Tyurin, will travel millions of miles during its orbit. Tyurin hit the golf ball after standing on a ladder by the docking port of the International Space Station during a spacewalk.

Golf ball's trajectory

The balls trajectory through space will set a golf record for the longest drive ever made. The ball was hit with gold-plated golf clubs made of the same scandium alloy used to build the space station and is expected to orbit Earth for four years. The golf ball's trajectory of millions of miles will be tracked using global positioning transmitters as it loses altitude through atmospheric drag. Finally it will heat up and melt away when it re-emerges into the atmosphere.


Hitting golf balls in space is not without risk. Some experts were concerned the stunt could have been catastrophic Phil Foden Jersey , and were not sure if it was worth the risks the golf ball stunt was sponsored by a Canadian golf equipment company. The risk was the golf ball could have fallen back into the station or collided with it later. Orbital debris experts told the New Scientist magazine before the stunt that the worst case scenario would be the golf ball hitting the station side-on. They said it could be like a head-on collision with a speed of 5.8 miles per second equivalent to a six tonne truck going at 60 miles per hour.

Space suit challenge

The key to the success of the golf balls flight was the correct angle and direction of the astronaut's drive. Every golfer knows at the best of times, hitting a golf ball can be trickier than it looks, and wearing a space suit certainly adds to the challenge.

Golf on Mars

It's a lot for the sake of hitting a ball with a stick, but golf is a massive sport on Earth Oleksandr Zinchenko Jersey , and played and loved by millions perhaps if there is life on Mars, they'd appreciate a few golf balls kicking around.
Golf may appeal differently to various people. There are those who would play the sport merely to earn, to help other learn the sport, for relaxation Philippe Sandler Jersey , as a hobby, and some are incline to do it because they run golf clubs. When you are at the golf complex, it would be easy to spot a novice since he is usually the one who feels awkward about the game but the determination is seen on his eyes. Sad to say, there are a lot of beginners who would exhaust almost all their time in practicing the sport and later will they realize that they are only practicing the same mistakes all over again.

If this is so Gabriel Jesus Jersey , golf drills will help you fix the problems since it will largely focus on the mechanics. This method helps anyone who aspires to play golf like a pro to improve their swing. One of those various golf drills is the one which is highly similar to pushups. When doing such, you need to lay on the floor similar to the position that you will do if you wish to do pushups. After then, hold your body straight with your hands and feet placed on the floor while you try to slowly lift your right hand as well as left leg up and balance it for about 10-15 seconds. When you are finish, repeat the movement using your left hand and right foot. By doing this method Daniel Grimshaw Jersey , it will help you augment your vigor and strength as it also helps keep up your balance.

Also golf drills should does not mean that you have to do it at the gym or any institution which will charge you for using their facilities. In fact, the simplest drill should be practiced every time you have any opportunity to do so. When you are at the comfort of your own houses, you can do the drill every time you are unoccupied of household chores. While work, you can do it while you are talking on the phone or while you are waiting for your computer to turn on. It is important to remember not to practice golf drills at the same interval each day.

Moreover Ederson Jersey , when doing so it is significant that you are able to target those areas that need special attentions. Picture yourself while playing golf; will you be more comfortable if you have more strength in your lower back or if you are able to move your body will ease, will it help you to play better? Thee questions are relatively important in order to detect those areas of your body which you need to strengthen. Through the help of these exercises, you can overcome your weaknesses as well as amplify your strengths. Golf drills can focus on one particular area of your body which will help improve such area. Just keep on doing what you must to do. All you need is a drop of disciple and dedication on what you are doing and you are on your way in playing good!

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Posted on September, 13 2018 11:44:59 AM

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