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Subject : manufacturing technology is simple cost
material asks character not tall, manufacturing technology is simple cost is low, the price is low. Market share proportion is large, square gazebo with door Coventrysuffer quite quite low income consumer is black in one part pay attention to. In the meantime, a large number of lumber machine business start, inducted numerous labour force,
the finance that resolved many local governments is difficult, machine an enterprise greatly to be in the support of district government. Look, this is a few profit that development of lumber treatment estate brings really. pools fencing and barricades But pass through these interests, not difficult hair is watched;
The corrupt practice that it brings, it is people more only then expect reach: alternative fence building Denmark One, the medium and small businesses that is engaged in lumber treatment, many it is mill type production, equipment is pallet, craft is coarse, management is confused, do not become dimensions. Outside removing few number product,

Posted on July, 05 2018 03:45:59 PM

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