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Subject : markets of the biggest forest products
Trend of lumber imports and exports is analysed Issue date: 2002-6-21 origin:plastic decking uk The United States is the biggest forest products production on the world and one of exporter, but also be one of markets of the biggest forest products import on the world. Since 1991, product of American exit real wood drops 18% , the US$64 from 1991 100 million fall the $53 2001 100 million.
In contemporaneity, import of real wood product rose 205% , composite lumber for tables and benchesachieve $151 to 2001 100 million. 1999 is an entrance a most year, have over $160 the entrance of real wood product of 100 million. Inside 3 years of in the past, the United States is close to $100 evenly in the commerce of real wood product 100 million.
In the past inside 10 years, the real wood product of 72% reachs the United States from Canadian entrance. Inside the last few years,outdoor parking flooring the volume growth that imports real wood product from other country is rapid, the United States of near 32% is solid 2001 wooden product is imported with foreign home from Canada.

Posted on July, 04 2018 06:38:22 PM

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