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Subject : Currency Guide of Guild Wars 2
Gold is the common in-game currency in Guild Wars 2. Silver and copper are a lesser-valued subset of gold. As well as gold there are three other currencies that players will become familiar with; Glory, Karma and Gems.

You will be able to view the amount of coin you possess at any time by opening your Inventory [I] where your current wealth will be shown on the bottom right corner of the window.

In PvP, players earn a currency called Glory, which can be used to buy cosmetic upgrades. PvE players earn Karma in-game, and they can use it to buy unique rewards from Karma vendors. Karma cannot be traded between players.

The third and potentially most controversial currency is Gems. Gems are bought for REAL money and can be used in the game’s cash shop for micro transactions. At the Trading Post, which is like an auction house but better, GW2 players can trade items such as gems for gold and vice versa.

You can trade gold to get gems which you can then use to buy things in the cash-shop. The in-game gem price will fluctuate based on player supply and demand. The system allows for gradual changes in prices relative to the changes in demand for each currency.

Posted on June, 14 2018 05:00:15 PM

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