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Subject : loose heart plywood
spray copy wood, durable loose heart plywood, turn to quality of a material to strong like lumber, surface can need according to consumer and make all sorts of special plywood furniture of how hot do composites get in the sun Mu Wen however. Technology of production of this kind of plywood is relatively sophisticated, cost compares other plywood furniture consequently tall 15 % comes 20 % ; With brown, black brown, red palm color reachs black the most

welcome, exterior paint is durable,wooden fence rail brackets modelling is simple, wear away not easily, high temperature resistant can amount to 500 ? . Sincere plywood already also became Hu Zhiming city at present material of optimal interior decoration, the demand of this respect is 4 million square metre about this year. Does Linyi city never needs painting deck boards forbidden chaos ask for chaos to occupyof forest of denudation of forest land hackle? Depend on of

bottom of discharge ? subcutaneous ulcer ton row? Linyi city forbidden chaos asks for chaos to occupy forest of denudation of forest land hackle Issue date: 2002-11-5 origin: Recently,composite replacement bench slats uk office of municipal Party committee of Shandong province Linyi, municipal government office combines chaos of current and specific place to take the appearance of forest of forest land hackle, give out " the urgent announcement that

Posted on May, 15 2018 11:44:43 AM

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