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Subject : Sliske will state that Linza and Relomia
Kindred Spirits is the second quest that was released as part of Sliske's Countdown. It was available to play on May 23, 2018. Have you overcome this deadly new quest? If not, you can follow our guide to complete quests with least effort and stress. Don't forget to buy RS 3 gold, rs 2007 gold for sale on RSGOLDFAST to make the journey of searching for a way to break Sliske's hold on the siblings smooth.Tips for you to Complete Kindred Spirits:Most importantly, you should reach the requirements before you step into this new quest.

If you haven't reached, just come to RSGOLDFAST to purchase RS 3 gold cheap for help. Then you can start your way to gain the appealing rewards of this quest.1. Talk to Linza at the smithy in Burthorpe to begin the quest. She will tell you that people have gone missing and suggest you to talk to the only witness Relomia in Draynor Village. 2. Teleport to Draynor Village and speak with Relomia who is near the market. Then she will tell you Sliske has been kidnapped and is being imprisoned somewhere in Daemonheim. 3. Enter Daemonheim with Ring of Kinship.

Then open the trapdoor and go inside; a short cutscene occurs where the two of you are captured by the Dragonkin.4. Enter the prison. Pay attention that you should have 10-15 pieces of high level food as well as 6 free inventory spaces, or you can't bank. 5. After the cutscene, you will be in a cell near Sliske. Talk to Sliske in the cell next to yours. Then interact with the Dragonkin guard outside and talk to Sliske again.

You will attempt to grab the keys while the guard is giving you food.6. You will have a blade then. Use it with the barracks bed and you will get a cloth strip. Use the strip with the brick to get ludicrous flail. Sliske will grab the potion on the nearby shelf.7. The Dragonkin guard will come into his cell and beat him giving you a chance to pickpocket him. You will get a bag of crystals. 8. Ask Sliske for another piece of cloth and use it with the empty potion.

Talk to Sliske, and use the acid on the cell door. Open Sliske's door. And he would tell you there are actually no hostages and this was all a plan.9. Now you should save the Barrows Brothers. Kill Dharok and you will free him by join in a combat. 10. Find the centre and decide which road Ahrim should go. Then Ahrim will prevent Guthan from seeing her. 11. Next you should save Verac by unlocking the Saradomin statue with the Saradomin key.12. Once all five of Sliske's secrets are unlocked, interact with the shadow focus. 13. It's time to save Guthan.

And Sliske will state that Linza and Relomia were in on this game from the start, Linza had betrayed you. And Linza is now a Barrow's Sister. 14. Escape with Meg and Rancour from the tunnels in 120 seconds by using the rope on the west. 15. Talk to Dharok to finish the quest.When you finish this quest by following the above methods, you can get the amazing rewards, such as 25,000 XP on Crafting and Smithing. Make sure to purchase cheap RuneScape Gold to gain the rewards easily. Good luck to you!

Posted on March, 13 2018 01:09:33 PM

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