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Forums > General Talk > MU Legend’s CBT2 Dates are proclaimed

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Subject : MU Legend’s CBT2 Dates are proclaimed
MU Legend’s CBT2 Dates are proclaimed
Developer WEBZEN has proclaimed the dates for the ordinal closed beta part for its future Action MMORPG letter of buy mu legend zen alphabet Legend. This second closed beta can happen for every week, from February twenty first to February twenty eighth, 2017. the main focus of this closed beta are going to be on localization implementation, and it'll be absolutely localized in five new languages so as to completely cater to fans of the letter of the alphabet franchise.

For those don’t understand, the MMORPG letter of the alphabet Legend is that the action MMO mu zen follow-up to letter of the alphabet on-line. the sport options fluid hack ‘n’ slash combat, together with many content that’ll cater to solo and party play, thus nobody is missed.

It conjointly options a deep and intriguing world that's attending to please each new players and fans alike. Adding to the aptitude of the sport is that the Rift feature, that could be a portal that’ll enable you to travel through area, time, and even dimensions to achieve cheap mu zen exciting new places. and therefore the Rift is accessed at any purpose in every level within the game.By here now... well done, so thanks!

Posted on February, 07 2018 11:35:42 AM

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