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Subject : the company just
ensure offer money normally, the company just is forced to go up tone product value, among them 3.6mm moves 50 yuan in before last of original price basis to 5.8mm non slip decals for deck series product / stere. Show level, guangdong market 2440 × of 1220 × 9mm is medium 45-50 of quote of fine board businessman yuan / piece. Plywood market performance is positive. The near future visits market research discovery,

plywood market takes money active. pvc garden fence ideas Businessman report, enter since December, friend circle is to rise in price entirely the announcement cases, those who go up is not profit, however cost. Because this paragraph of time sells a ministry to cannot deliver goods in time, order is received really come nevertheless, the client that at present the businessman can go using composite as Embossing deck skirting to with the paragraph

only is first arrangement delivers goods, give priority to with old client temporarily, new client can suspend accepting the order only. Show level, guangdong market outdoor 2 ft high fencing 2440 × of 1220 × 75-80 of quote of businessman of plywood of 12mm eucalyptus wood yuan / piece. Stock of facing board manufacturer is in an emergency. Interview market businessman discovery, the near future acts the role of the

Posted on February, 07 2018 07:59:20 AM

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