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Subject : solid trash the amount
thousand yuan; Need pay sawdust, dust, chemical rubbish, Wait for solid trash the amount of tax to be paid, accumulative total makes an appointment with 15-30 10 thousand yuan; sprinter wall board in mexico And need pay noise the amount of tax to be paid, Accumulative total is every months of 5000-2 about 10 thousand yuan. On put together, a medium-sized furniture produces the amount of tax to be paid of year environmental

protection of the enterprise, hollow decking end caps in czech republic waterproofing a balcony floor uk Should be in 30-70 10 thousand yuan. 7, can furniture factory carry live? Be in ground of each furniture industry group, the applicable tax rate that the duty of year environmental protection of furniture company can omit each differs and have distinction, area of and other places of Beijing, Heibei can be head and shoulders above afore-mentioned the amount

of tax to be paid. The environmental protection duty of 10 thousand adds 30-70 equipment of the environmental protection before this is rectified and reform annual commercial exterior wall wood cladding usa 150 thousand yuan - 300 thousand yuan investment, cost 50-100 always on environmental protection every year the investment of 10 thousand. This to furniture company will be the expenditure with not small brushstroke, especially not

Posted on February, 06 2018 11:13:47 AM

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