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Subject : stock of merchandise
6500-7000 yuan / ton, stock of merchandise on hand is big, the year end with partial norms or poorer quality checks inventory flavour is thick, meet the businessman of building a solid surface deck low average mights as well of purpose attention. New live in building materials industry one year 4 big trends The development as oneself of building materials industry and located the ceaseless changes of environment of

economy, policy, and the rise of install ultra deck cladding group of new generation consumption, the integral demand of the market or produce change at any time, how does prospective enterprise stand fast to already had the market raise with market upland or new loot, need vicissitude of the market of base oneself upon, in avoid risk while, multiply situation and on. When coming 2018, wpc comosite decking uk the personage inside course of

study talks from 4 respects new one year industry of household building materials grows a tendency. Dimensions of market of custom-built furniture will exceed how to either affix panels to the balcony railings 100 billion yuan 2017 year, custom-built furniture is a unusually hot year, custom-built furniture obtained rapidder development in our country. Data shows, custom-built furniture is about in share of furniture industry market 20% ,

Posted on February, 06 2018 09:20:13 AM

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