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Subject : still is highlighted
environmental protection still is highlighted, basically have 5 respects problem. Above all, government of partial place Party committee still is less thaninexpensive transparent soft pvc sheet to environmental protection understanding, environmental protection nonfeasance, chaos serves as, do not take on, do not touch strong case to still exist. The environmental protection responsibility that vertical section of a few

provinces assumes to oneself composite decking per square foot in fairfield county not clear, ignored, do not fulfil, consider as for environmental protection branch " work as a farm laborer " . For example, group of superintend of central the 7th environmental protection points out, qinghai saves government of Party Committee of all levels to fulfil new development concept to still have defective, pvc wood composite decking sale processing develops and deviation still

exists on relation understanding of protection. Qinghai lake is groove guard of national level nature, but travel of Qinghai lake management board, cute no maintenance fencing province develops appoint, the province develops innovation appoint those who wait for sectional staff " whole of travel of area of Qinghai lake scene is engineered " " Qinghai lake scenery scenic spot 5 areas control the area the gender plans in

Posted on February, 06 2018 08:29:47 AM

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