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Subject : achieved historic breakthrough
compared to the same period, achieved historic breakthrough. Bank of sunshine haze mountain pass is the treatment of marine entrance log with our country the how to attach lattice to deck rail at present biggest north, commerce and distributing center center, have commerce of national level lumber to machine demonstrative area, year process capability 8 million stere. In recent years, block wall fence with burglar or iron sunshine examines quarantine bureau develops

the strategy actively to accepting a place, active service " breakthrough garden area, get together force attract " number one project, make with all one's composite deck joist span strength " speed lowest of the fastest, charge, service is first-class " " 3 most " port, doing good lumber quarantine while live thing of door of country of the job, protection is safe, for lumber of form a complete set treatment

content sheds garden area to provide powerful technology safeguard, health of industry of stimulative port lumber develops in order. Wen Chang two lumber processing pvc planter boxes for landscape garden factory is instructed to rectify and reform A few days ago, bureau of forestry of article prosperous city to Wen Changming processing factory of lumber of processing factory of Ting Huimu material and Zhu Wanxiang entered safe

Posted on February, 06 2018 07:25:31 AM

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