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As technology evolves , so does modern medicine. Medical and surgical interventions for various kinds of known health problems have proven their worth throughout the years. Because some treatments are costly and pose high health risks, an increasing number of people have realized the consequences and risks involved and have turned to other alternative treatments like Natural Thyroid Remedies.
The following are just some of known Natural Remedies for Thyroid conditions:
• If you want to improve your thyroid function, a good and healthy diet is always recommended. When we say healthy diet, it means avoiding foods that have been chemically treated, genetically modified and processed, and artificially made. As they may contain harmful elements that can be damage or alter the function of different organs and glands of the body, particularly the thyroid gland.

• Another helpful remedy is practicing adequate rest and relaxation techniques. Avoid getting stressed and minimize unnecessary activities. Have your system cleansed including the bowel. Start by taking fruit juice like pineapple, apple , orange and grapes every two to three hours in a twelve-hour period for five days. Diet may consist mostly of fruits, milk, nuts, grains, and vegetables. Get plenty of rest for the first two months of the treatment and exercise after the symptoms subside.

• Iodine is most helpful as it is a key element that enables the thyroid gland to produces thyroid hormones. It is best taken in organic form. A severe deficiency in iodine may later cause brain disorders and severe goiter. Iodine rich foods include: garlic, cabbage, onion, oats , pineapple, whole rice and strawberries.
The problem with thyroid patients is that their appetite is usually large and weight reduction may not be prevented by some time. This is because until the heart rate normalizes and tremors stop, there will be incomplete absorption of food. As soon as the balance of organ systems is restored, the weight will gradually increase. Under any circumstances, a stimulant may not be administered to increase the appetite.
There are some foods that can cause injury to the thyroid gland and should be avoided. These include: flesh foods, flour based products, white sugar, fried or greasy foods , processed goods, tea, coffee, condiments, and alcohol. No drugs may be taken for they can cause irritation to the tissue.
Measures may be taken to prevent emotional stress brought upon by the problem. You can manage stress by avoiding people that stress you out, being assertive, knowing your limits as a person, and being optimistic. The success of the treatment can only be attained through the dedicated efforts of the patient himself.

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Posted on January, 31 2018 09:29:43 AM

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