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Subject : traditional industry
O2O make the best opportunity that this traditional industry turns over really? What bottleneck will board industry O2O face? What bottleneck will board industry O2O ceiling board materials penang face? Bottleneck 1: The plank that is in monopoly position sells At present domestic plate sells field tycoon hand to grasp storefront and passenger flow resource of two big core, board industry is in weak power position generally. Be in a few

years when can foreknow, traditional covering an existing cement porch plank sells a control to plank brand power very strong still. Traditional board industry should do O2O, the first bottleneck that be faced with is plank sells namely. And traditional plank sells because field is mastering forestall resource, the enthusiasm that changes generally is not tall. Although built electric business platform oneself,composite timber beams Varmland the plank of a few touch net

with not much amount to sells a brand, lack the boldness of integrated resource and capacity however, basic it is half-dead condition. Bottleneck 2: Board report business trinidad and tobago suppliers of decking material leaves independent inn how to ensure passenger flow Since cannot bypass plank sells, so do O2O to be able to open independent store only. But opened independent store, how is passenger flow ensured? If be gotten from inside the network, will

Posted on January, 12 2018 01:24:51 PM

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