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Subject : dark horse installed
Furniture of a dark horse was not installed remove dust equipment
On August 4, bureau of Beijing environmental protection has limited company to home of Beijing a dark horse (legal representative: Du Baoguang) open administration to punish decision book. cement stair handrail supplier in uae The reason is " the unit shares 3 whole set to produce engine of equipment and machine of a small-sized cut,

a paring, among them facilities of production of composite outdoor frniture houseware 3 whole set deserves to have central dust catcher, but cut machine and paring machine were not installed remove dust establishment " , its behavior was disobeyed " byelaw of prevention and cure of Beijing air pollution " pe plastic sheet wholesale the 61st regulation. Instruct its 10 correct in a few days, be in 10 thousand yuan of amerce.

Adornment company did not handle danger to abandon composite wood for exterior Ireland legally, legal person by punishment arrest

Posted on December, 07 2017 07:26:48 AM

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