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Subject : commerce market that
trip class from abroad, have the commerce market that faces Ou Ya to have an advantage extremely, lumber commerce is taken in Oubanlie, very Exterior Panels For Decking Wall appropriate. Accordingly, lumber commerce wants special had used those who have ' one belt all the way ' in other people of file of Ou Zhongya class sheds big channel. " in goods assist

secretary-general of committee of job of international land bridge, " one belt all the way " supply catenary academy to carried out battle of wood composite outdoor furniture decanal Lin Bei to give out such solution. Platform of lumber commodity over-the-counter trading will go up line As we have learned, represent development of pair of Wood Composite Decking For Balcony Roofing domestic and

international market level to unscramble to help expert of China and foreign countries and company, grasp newest market opportunity, create cooperative Backyard Decking With Composite Decking opportunity, this congress still establishs exhibition division only, domestic and international commerce shows product and company image, farther stimulative communication and

Posted on November, 14 2017 03:52:04 PM

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