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Subject : joint of the ministry
The camphor tree loose plank of joint of the ministry that be not end imports 712 thousand stere, occupy plank of port the corresponding period to Supported by Trade Assurance import gross (similarly hereinafter) 85.7% ; Large board of the dragon spruce of joint of the ministry that be not end and fir 141 thousand stere, occupy 14.2% ;least expensive decking material The others imports the large board such as the other deal that has joint of the ministry that be not end, other birch, Yang Mu.

Natural resources of our country forest shorts relatively, it is lumber entrance big country, since 2014, stem from protective resource and environmental consideration,Composit Floor Trims our country begins to stop in order natural forest commerciality cuts,

it is by 2016 stopped the throughout the country in the round natural forest commerciality cuts. Supplying systole while, downstream trade demand still exuberant. Marine Composite Decking Materials Estate invests and sell rapid growth, stimulative building, household uses lumber demand to jump, bring about escalate of breach of domestic timber supply and demand.

Posted on October, 12 2017 04:47:09 PM

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