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Subject : have aldehyde product
Particieboard does not have aldehyde product, we had followed research and development in put into production 3 years ago.composite Decking suppliers northern ireland What be faced with now is cost the issue with tall, small crop, to particieboard manufacturer it is a bank. Coordinate what furniture manufacturer follows plank manufacturer to cooperate, manufacturing innovation plank is breach.

Man-made board industry is entered " hind quota period " , value is oriented will replace cost to direct On forum of height of Composite Fence Material For A Garden first man-made board, li Kai of professor of college of Hua Na agriculture's husband is brought " broken green base,

plan development " custom-built interlocking plastic wall tiles household and man-made board the theme of the relation of the product makes a speech, carry big data survey, he pointed out consumer preference is custom-built the reason of furniture: The consumer of 53.8% is in China the environmental protection sex that the composite decking over cement pool deck product pays attention to when the choose and buy, the customer that has 36% regards first standard as environmental protection.

Posted on October, 12 2017 12:52:06 PM

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