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Forums > General Talk > How do I win the lottery? 11 tips to win Mega Millions and Powerball

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Subject : How do I win the lottery? 11 tips to win Mega Millions and Powerball
How do I win the lottery? 11 tips to win Mega Millions and Powerball

The Powerball and Mega Millions jackpots are now at a combined and beyond monstrous total of nearly $600 million, with the Powerball jackpot at $550 million alone. That’s more than enough to grab the attention not only of the typical dreamers who get swindled into buying lottery tickets but also the general public. Everyone is talking about the lotto.Get more news about ??????,you can vist

But how do you win it? We could break down the mathematical odds of actually getting the winning ticket — something along the lines of getting hit by five bolts of lightning at the same time while being attacked by a shark at the Jersey Shore while simultaneously finding a New Jersey native who thinks Bruce Springsteen and Taylor ham are both “just okay” (The Washington Post says the odds are actually one in about 300 million).

Just buy a ticket

You’ve got to play to win, right? Gotta be in it to win it? You miss 100 percent of the lottery tickets you don’t buy? I forget what the official slogan is, but yeah. Buy a ticket. Sources close to the situation (no, not “The Situation,” he’s going to jail) tell NJ Advance Media that buying a lottery ticket is the best way to win the lottery. Kind of like how buying a ticket to a Giants game is the best way to assure yourself disappointment.
Play in an office pool

You can increase your odds of winning by banding together with your coworkers and pooling your money to buy as many tickets as possible. Sure, you’re cutting into how much your winnings will be, but it’s a fun experience for the whole office (except the poor schlub who has to organize the whole thing). And even if you don’t participate in the pool, chances are if the office wins you have at least one work friend willing to lend you a few grand.


God. Jesus. Adonai. Allah. Oprah. Whoever you consider your personal messiah, get on the prayer phone and uh, say your prayers. Because while we all have different religions, I’m pretty sure a universal principle of all of the them is that our god wants us to buy a piece of paper that will grant us more money than our great-great-great-great grandchildren will know what to do with. I think I read that in the Bible. Thou shalt not steal, but thou shalt swing by the 7-Eleven to grab a Slurpee, some corn nuts and a life-affirming lottery ticket.
Force luck onto your side

The odds of winning the Powerball are one in 292 million. So you’re going to have to get a little bit lucky to do it! You may feel like a lucky person naturally, but it can’t hurt to give yourself a little boost.

A lucky rabbit’s foot? How about 10? Get 10 of them and shove ‘em in your pockets. Wear a horseshoe around your neck? Nah, put those bad boys in your shoes. Go to the bank and withdraw your life savings in lucky pennies. I’m sure the teller will love that. Avoid ladders, cracks in the sidewalk, black cats and broken mirrors at all costs.

But those are just American traditions. You have to be the luckiest person in the world to win this thing, so let’s get international. In Denmark, people throw broken dishes at their friends’ houses for good luck. In Spain, they eat a dozen grapes and wear red underwear. Apparently Russia originated the idea that getting pooped on by a bird is good luck, so feed some birds and hang around until the lucky poop starts flying.
Consult a fortune cookie

Fortune cookie fortunes are typically generic platitudes that won’t be much help in this situation. But the lucky numbers that come on the back? Now we’re on to something! Who knows how they’re generated, but they might be the winners. Worth a shot, right? And if nothing else, at least you got a cookie.

Make a wish

When you wish upon a star, you have a chance at a billion dollars. That’s how the Disney song goes, right? Maybe not, but wish. Wish upon a star. Throw pennies in a wishing well. Find a genie and use all three wishes on winning the lottery. Make a wish and hijack someone’s lit birthday candles. You get the picture. Start wishing.

Buy ALL the tickets

How many tickets do you have to buy to win the lottery? How about all of them. Okay, this one only applies to billionaires, but what an investment strategy! There are more than 600 million combined Powerball and Mega Millions number combinations, and tickets are two dollars each. That’s $1.2 billion in play money. Play all the numbers and you win $2.2 billion. Even after taxes you still swing a profit of several-hundred million dollars (we think). Not a bad day.

Posted on April, 18 2020 01:43:36 PM

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