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Subject : This Waitress Was Tipped With A Lottery Ticket That Won Her $50,000
This Waitress Was Tipped With A Lottery Ticket That Won Her $50,000

A Missouri bartender received an unlikely tip from one of her regulars that ended up winning her the lottery. Taylor Russey, a bartender at Bleachers Bar and Franks in O’Fallon, Missouri, is now $50,000 richer, according to KMOV4.Get more news about ??API,you can vist

Russey told the St. Louis-based outlet that this customer often buys lottery tickets and hands them out to people around the bar. “One of the regulars will buy the rest of the regulars in the bar Lottery tickets every now and then, especially when it’s high,” she said.

This is what happened on October 19, when Russey was given the ticket that would end up making her a big winner. On October 20, the bar was alerted that their lottery terminal had sold a ticket worth one of the top prizes. Russey had no idea that it was her ticket. "I was like, ‘Guys, who won all this money and didn’t tell anybody?'” she told KMOV4.

Russey's tickets matched four of the five white-ball numbers drawn, plus the Powerball number. So, yeah, that had her going home with $50,000...all thanks to the customer's tip.

Apparently, this isn't the first wave of luck to hit the area. According to the Missouri Lottery, Russey’s $50,000 ticket is the fortieth sold in the state of Missouri, and the second one in the city of O’Fallon this year. I don't know about you, but I guess I'm moving.

Posted on April, 18 2020 01:38:52 PM

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