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Subject : business outside defray
Inside report period, oasis source does business outside defray is less, basically deal with to be not liquid assets the loss is reached 5169.98 yuan donate defray 1800 yuan. Plastic Wood Outdoor Tiles Inside report period, the cash flow net specified number that oasis source management activity produces five million seven hundred and twenty thousand three hundred yuan,

main reason is advocate business Wu income Cheap Fencing Ideas Garden Privacy reduces an effect and manage received ready money to reduce fifty-five million three hundred and forty-nine thousand four hundred yuan; Because crop decreases, the influence buys the cash that commodity pays to reduce ten million eight hundred and ninety-two thousand one hundred yuan; Receive new 3 board hang out one's shingle Clear Deck Panels allowance 2.3 million yuan;

Receive other business income one million and seventy-four thousand eight hundred yuan, the cash flow net specified number that afore-mentioned reasons cause management work movables to produce dropped last year relatively range is bigger. Wpc Deck Wholesale

Posted on September, 13 2017 01:06:39 PM

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