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Subject : academy of standardization
state appoint academy of standardization of vice director of Sun Wei of ministry of service industry standard, China attends a news briefing Wang Zongling's secretary on invitation. Floor Coverings For Outdoor Concrete Floors Activity of pop chart of this industry standard, standardize industry of forest products of bureau of forestry of academy, country by association of industry of Chinese forest products,

China program designing institute (the rank is not divided early or late) collective organization. It is reported, in this second activity, xuzhou cornerstone does not have aldehyde limited company, Xuzhou installs man-made board darling of hare of Inc. of industry of timber of actor of actor of limited company, Linyi,Composite Decking Thailand De Hua decorates couplet timber industry the 4 standards excel of 4 enterprises such as new material Inc. T/CNFPIA 1001-2016 " man-made board formaldehyde releases set limit to " in index of E0 class set limit to,

achieve requirement of the class A in pop chart of standard of this second industry. Investigation | Platform of business of 6 big cable becomes in part of inadequacy of children Alternative Fence Material furniture percent of pass heavy metal of some of heavy disaster area exceeds bid 40 times! (add rejected product list) Now, the metropolis when more and more parents decorate the child's room chooses children furniture designedly,Wpc Deck Wholesale

Posted on August, 11 2017 01:06:37 PM

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