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Subject : buy the floor
the other hand: 2004 Yangtze River National Dealer rebate fully honored; third aspect: it is reported that the Yangtze River in 2005 will spend huge sums of money for 'strengthening the brand, PVC FENCE SALE , Winning the terminal 'market strategy implementation.
We hope that in 2005 the wood flooring market competition, the Yangtze floor can take advantage of the line, another success. And to all the flooring industry colleagues to bring some valuable ideas on the operation of the brand. Nearly 20,000 yuan to buy the floor to use only five months there tiles deformation,
the dealer did not give a reasonable solution for more than a year. Consumers can not tolerate the dealer complaints to the Jianye District Consumers Association, Consumers Association in the mediation of many consumers finally get satisfactory compensation.
" alternative flooring materials , composite deck boards with non skid surface , reuse wood decking for landscaping , clearance fence panels made wpc fence "

Posted on August, 11 2017 12:47:00 PM

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