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Subject : mainstream of this life
Now we all began to brand operation, but also stressed the brand differences, while the mainstream of this life, while the brand concept Outdoor Deck Sale ; for a time, the floor brand has become the most emphasis on cultural industries. So in the past, it will cause the brand homogenization of the phenomenon,
and brand homogeneity, will usher in the price war. It is precisely because of the above considerations, the Yangtze floor brand to take a 'different employment, build brand differentiation' strategy, and achieved initial success. Mr. Lei Chung gave a very interesting example, 'product' word has three 'mouth', 'mouth' are learning.
(In addition to the quality of the quality, including the rich color), the quality of the product (including the quality of the product) , `Perfect structure, in line with the needs of the target consumer groups), word of mouth is a sign of the success of the brand, and conduct is difficult to grasp, and the most critical.
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Posted on August, 11 2017 12:37:13 PM

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