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Subject : that sample chooses
The principle that sample chooses has 3: ? sample sale is big; ? client criticism is much; ? price interval from hundreds of control to 2000 yuan, bright show the product that is inexpensive exterior floor solutions children furniture. Reporter investigation understands, a lot of consumer are in the brand flagship store that when the network shops, normally of first selection is the store on the net, however,

this second 71 sample from sampling observation of electric business platform are out brand admiral almost inn, brand shop or it is company shop, the course detects, have 64 children replacement wood for benches furniture unqualified. Why can be rejected product sold in electric business platform? In rejected product, day cat store " Cisco flagship store " the children bookcase of the sale appears 3 index are unqualified. Day cat store " Cisco flagship store " customer service personnel says,

this bookcase is the plank of E0 class, cisco major did 18 years, quality and environmental protection are the first, claim " than national level more environmental protection. best price for decking boards Each respect won't exceed bid. The quality of old brand is to have absolutely assure, environmental protection is the most important. " pass however detect,Good Wpc Deck

Posted on August, 11 2017 11:52:01 AM

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