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Subject : Introduction of Penalty fifa 17
Introduction of Penalty

As we all know, penalty is very important in FIFA 17. But how to kick the penalty? Today playerhot brings fut 18 coins penalty kicks and tips for you. More information is on where you can buy cheap FIFA 17 Coins.

Penalty is a one on one match between you and the goalkeeper. You need to control the arrow key to run, and then press the shot button to form a shot. If the power is too big, the will miss; The proper power will make the ball enter.

First you need to shake the left cheap fut 18 coins joystick to control the start of the players. That you aim at the direction will be the direction of the ball shot out.

Second penalty kick players can start by shooting after the key, and the longer you press shot key, the greater the strength is, the ball will higher. In addition, players are not recommended to buy fut 18 coins the penalty shooter's station with the right joystick before the shooting, it is easy to distract.BY here now... well done, so thanks!

Posted on August, 11 2017 08:14:02 AM

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