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Forums > Internet Services (local) > Viper Launches Core i3 Desktop Machine

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Subject : Viper Launches Core i3 Desktop Machine
Source Pro Pakistani Viper Technology, Pakistan’s IT infrastructure solution provider and local computer manufacturer, launched a locally manufactured first Core i3 desktop machine.

Viper Technology has been created with an idea to consolidate its product-line with a brand-based approach and to provide the best IT products across enterprise, SME and consumer segments, said Faisal Sheikh, Chief Operating Officer, Viper Technology at the launch of its product.

“Viper Technology has the strongest presence in the Pakistani market, offering solutions that are at par with the international standards,” he said, highlighting the firm’s achievements.

Speaking on Viper Technologyís penetration in the corporate segment, Sheikh said services of Pakistan’s finest IT professionals were being utilised to provide customers with the best solutions and services.

“We have been playing a key role to help shape our industry for the last 15 years with more than 200 IT professionals giving their impeccable service at a nationwide level,” he said.

The event was attended by top executives from various sectors, including IT, banking, and textile.

Posted on April, 21 2010 05:31:11 PM


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Posted on July, 03 2020 03:12:15 PM


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Non enim tempora num, Reunion

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I was just looking at the old things and I found this and I laugh a lot like how things started and now where we are. Look how fastly world is changing now we have reviews thing like it is shown on this and how much we are evolving.

Posted on August, 22 2020 02:36:18 PM


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They have been able to develop this machine in an in-house facility using the new aws saas architecture. This is the reason you can get their machines in low costs due to their server approach.

Posted on September, 15 2020 07:05:08 PM

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