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Forums > Computer Market News > I.C.Q:715741147-Western Union Money Transfer Services 2017

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ha noi, Viet NAM

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Subject : I.C.Q:715741147-Western Union Money Transfer Services 2017
Hello All Buyers Worldwide ... !!!

- I'm a real hacker and legit businessman
- I have over 9years of experience in hacker's world
- I only work with reliable buyers, so when you contact me, I need your trust
- I'm looking for more good partners to do business with me
- I'm Genuine Hacker and big seller for many years in the underworld.
- You can contact me at any time to buy Fresh 100%.
- And I guarantee one thing, you will really happy if business with me.
- Prestige, quality and safety, it is my business.
- I can help you at work

Contact me now

- ICQ : 715741147

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- Skype : chicken seller ( )

Posted on July, 29 2017 11:15:35 AM


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Adona, Palau

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Western union money exchange for the money transfer use also and when my friend from the New York ever send money he get services of this money exchange company. Last Sunday I have ordered to money to him for dissertation help services that pay for dollars with local exchange.

Posted on July, 04 2018 05:10:51 AM

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