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BISCHOFSHOFEN Jason Spriggs Packers Jersey , Austria, Jan. 6 (Xinhua) -- Following are the leading results Tuesday from the final stop of the World Cup ski jumping Four Hills Tour:

1. Michael Hayboeck, Austria, 288.4 points (137.5-136.5 meters)

2. Noriaki Kasai, Japan, 277.1 (132.5-137.0)

3. Stefan Kraft, Austria, 271.3 (133.5-132.0)

4. Peter Prevc, Slovenia, 271.2 (133.0-134.5)

5. Anders Jacobsen, Norway, 270.6 (130.5-136.0)

6. Richard Freitag, Germany JK Scott Packers Jersey , 265.1 (129.5-133.5)

7. Gregor Schlierenzauer, Austria, 264.6 (132.0-130.0)

8. Severin Freund, Germany, 257.9 (131.0-128.5)

9. Anders Fannemel, Norway, 248.4 (130.0-127.0)

10. Simon Ammann, Switzerland, 246.7 (130.5-136.0)

Four Hills Tour final standings

1. Stefan Kraft, Austria, 1,106.7 points

2. Michael Hayboeck, Austria Marquez Valdes-Scantling Packers Jersey , 1,100.7

3. Peter Prevc, Slovenia, 1,077.2

4. Noriaki Kasai, Japan, 1,074.8

5. Anders Jacobsen, Norway, 1,060.1

6. Richard Freitag, Germany, 1 J'Mon Moore Packers Jersey ,056.8

7. Gregor Schlierenzauer, Austria, 1,050.2

8. Severin Freund, Germany, 1,022.5

9. Roman Koudelka, Czech Republic, 1,013.4

10. Kamil Stoch, Poland, 1,009.4

World Cup standings (after 13 events)

1. Michael Hayboeck Oren Burks Packers Jersey , Austria, 689 points

2. Stefan Kraft, Austria, 617

3. Peter Prevc, Slovenia, 584

4. Roman Koudelka, Czech Republic, 576

5. Anders Fannemel, Norway, 566

6. Simon Ammann, Switzerland, 556

7. Severin Freund, Germany Brett Hundley Jersey , 533

8. Gregor Schlierenzauer, Austria, 472

9. Noriaki Kasai, Japan, 440

10. Richard Freitag, Germany, 383

In reading this article you may realize that the best part of your life could be in Asia, and the best time is now.

The theme of most retirement articles is the best place to retire in the USA. However, according to the AARP about 80 percent of Americans do not plan to move when they retire. Work a lifetime, and with the door open to have a fresh start in retirement, one just stays in the same town, the same house, the same routine. There must be a better quality of life in retirement Kyler Fackrell Jersey , and there is! Nowadays, more retirees are not only moving from their house to another city or state, but are moving out of the United States.

Over recent years I have had an increasing number of friends write to me about my life in Asia. The motives behind the questions have varied from political discontentment to financial. Many of the concerns are related to the high cost of living, including heating and AC bills, taxes, grocery bills, the cost of gasoline, medical bills, dental bills, home repair bills, and list goes on. There is no doubt about it, the cost of living in the USA goes higher each day. Many of those who write to me are not really enjoying their Golden Years but are just getting by. If you are in the stage of retirement planning or are now retired that should concern you, as each day is precious and we should be enjoying life to its fullest. The best is yet to come.

Travel with me down a different road of thought. I have lived in retirement for the past 7 years in Asia Jason Spriggs Jersey , in the beach resort city of Pattaya, Thailand. Being a tourist destination, you immediately picture an area with a beautiful bay view, fine restaurants, and entertainment galore. It is more than just that. It is so easy to get around the city using public transportation that my car sits in the driveway. We have modern shopping centers, movie complexes, health spa’s, fitness centers, golf courses, and even an IT center with 5 floors of computers, mobile phones, and electronics. Pattaya has not one, but two International Standard hospitals. Health care is affordable. Being a tourist city JK Scott Jersey , the Thai staff in most stores and restaurants speak English, German, Russian, and other languages. Language is not a problem, but learning a little basic Thai is both fun and useful. A Hollywood movie with English sound track, shown in a high tech theater costs around $2.50. The air-conditioned city bus is 50 cents, private buses around 25 cents. A Thai food-bar meal runs around 75 cents. We have clubs that meet weekly where the foreign community can get together. They have Open Forums where newcomers to the community can ask questions. The glimpse just given is representative of life for foreigners in most Asian countries. A stress free, quality lifestyle on your retirement pension.

Why Asia? Because Asia is the most exciting, the most user friendly continent on earth. Luxury living for pennies – not just “getting by” on your retirement pension. The United States and Europe are becoming almost impossibly expensive to live and retire in. Learn more about the Asian countries, which ones to consider for retirement, and why. If funds permit, plan a holiday visit to some of the countries of interest. Alternatively, the Internet is a great source of information. Also Marquez Valdes-Scantling Jersey , one can join an Internet blog or group and gain information and tips from persons already living overseas. As I said in my opening, the best part of your life could be in Asia, and the best time is now.

Larry Westfall is a retired expat living in Thailand and loves Khon Kaen Retirement and resort in pattaya

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Posted on November, 09 2018 09:10:42 AM

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