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Subject : How a lot of Reddit memes became the best armor in Runescap

Old School Runescape, the antiquated model of Runescape that still looks and performs like the match I sank countless hours in to when I really should've been studying, is obtaining a raid. A fantastic raid needs good rewards, so when the Theatre of Blood was announced late last year, players were not able to see exactly what clearing the multi-man challenge would earn them. Jagex responded with Justicar armor, a brand new best-in-slot armor set (above). There was one little problem: gamers RuneScape2018 totally hated it.

They memed on it so tough that Jagex is now completely altering the armor's design. Virtually all of Old School Runescape's updates undergo participant polls, but that is the first time a suit of armor was forged in a fire of memes.

The irony is that while gamers loathed the'final' armor shown earlier this season, they loved the prototypes revealed while the raid was announced. Initially, the Justicar armor was bulkier and part of a trio of new armor sets, West tells me, but as the Theatre of Blood moved from vague idea to actual material, the armor changed with it. Participants said there was sufficient DPS equipment but insufficient tank gear, so it had been narrowed down to only 1 armor collection. And when they were only going to use one set, Jagex figured they might also create a new one based on the armor worn with the raid's huge poor.

"We thought changing it a bit made sense," West says,"but players weren't quite on board with all the original proposal we shared on stream. And , well, Reddit went crazy."

The memes came out hard and quick. Some players said it was too similar to existing armor, such as armor from Runescape 3, the newer, mainline version of Runescape. Others thought the new armor did not seem tanky enough and liberally provided a few alternatives, with some calling OSRS gold for a more extreme redesign.

It got so bad that a few players started to seriously believe a meme the updated armor was by another artist, which the artist that left the prototypes had abandoned Jagex. But then something amazing occurred. Even as memes blotted out sunlight, slowly but surely serious suggestions started to shine through. It started with crude Photoshop jobs, but shortly proper illustrations and fan art began to crop up. Players rallied around the idea of a milder, blessed armor set inspired by the Runescape god Saradomin, so they moved back to West's prototype designs and made a few changes.

Driven from the memes and motivated by elements of West's designs and other players' suggestions, legend_arts made a hybrid armor design so great it not only silenced the memes, it captured the attention of West himself.

Posted on October, 12 2018 07:57:17 AM

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