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Forums > General Talk > Digimon Masters Online Guide for Newbies : Important Locations
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Subject : Digimon Masters Online Guide for Newbies : Important Locations
DATS: The area that connects the digimon world to the real world on Digimon Masters Online. This is also the place where you can find most of your essentials, like Mr.Eggscanning chessmon, warehouse, slot machines, portals to the digiworld, cash shops, vending machines, etc.. This is also the main area where other players go to sell items and open their personal shops.

Warehouse: Your warehouse can be found in the DATS area, it’s managed by the PawnChessmonW on the left of Mr.Richard Sampson. This is where you can go to store the extra stuff you need for later iN Digimon Online.

Retrieval and Scanning: Managed by another Pawnchessmon, you can find this guy to the right of Mr.Richard Sampson. He scans or buys digimon eggs and certain quest items for you to obtain stuffs inside. You can also find this guy in other places like Yokohama Village and Wind valley in the digital world.

Incubator: you hatch digitamas (hatchable digimon eggs) that you have acquired. You will also need data discs that are of the same type as the digitama egg that you would like to hatch.

Posted on June, 14 2018 12:31:56 PM

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