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Forums > General Talk > Prom dresses required for over 450 ladies

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Subject : Prom dresses required for over 450 ladies
Prom dresses required for over 450 ladies

The clock is ticking for beach wedding dresses organizers of "Say affirmative To The Dress" promenade Dress Drive.

Shalonda Lewis says over 450 ladies have signed up to receive a free promenade dress, shoes, and a voucher for hair and make-up. at once they solely have a hundred forty five dresses and also the point to gift is ten days away.

For four years currently, Lewis and her team are able to meet their goal and with success host a promenade dress drive at the Ice Event Center in state capital. This year ladies ar coming back from as far-flung as urban center to select up their dress.

The official promenade dress drive is March seventeenth, at the Ice Event Center.

If you'd wish to cheap homecoming dresses , please visit the "Say affirmative To The Dress" web site for drop-off locations. Getting more prom dresses related things from now...come on!

Posted on March, 13 2018 10:59:23 AM

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