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Subject : set an example drive
bureau in order to ensure quality, set an example drive, stimulative development gives priority to a problem, close cooperation, join forces is advanced, wood of hurried outside safety sheeting for wooden decking imports and exports is demonstrative area health, stable, orderly develop, effect of development of exit wood estate is shown increasingly, demonstrative area reachs 57 by development of business of 31 export when establishing;

Export money worth comes by growth of how much does it cost to deck a garden 180 million dollar 418 million dollar, 60% what occupy Wei lane to export wood about; Year the company that has exported ten million dollar comes 11 by 4 development; Obtain " product of Chinese famous brand " title company 1, "Win Chinese famous trade mark " title company 1, win business of title of provincial famous brand 2,Fencing For Garden On Side Of Hill win business of American CABR

attestation 5. Nearly 1/5 what export wood goods to be worth Zhan Shouguang city to export total money to be worth, form standardization, industrialization and 4X8 Garden Pvc Fence In Uk dimensions basically to change. Birthday smooth municipal government and Wei lane examine light of quarantine bureau birthday does to supervise and urge actively action of bond of bridge of wood guild play, drive wood guild

Posted on March, 12 2018 11:06:20 AM

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