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Subject : protection personnel
environmental protection personnel is urgent to boiler of coal fired of Tian Demu course of study close down, morrow finishs pair of sincere Da Mu main body of boiler of plants to make fence course of study, Li Ruimu course of study is demolished, move except the job. By provincial defend city of state of the Pi after inspecting exposure urgent rectify and reform 683 boiler, had been pulled out entirely at

present, among them many plate companies,wood interior wall paneling veneer these enterprises are transforming a process in must strict according to " main body is demolished, chimney be born, cut off the water supply cut off the power " the standard is carried out. To changing burning boiler, must accomplish equipment to demolish, cut off the water supply cut off the power, storage yard fuel is 4x8 vinyl wall panels all clear carry; The boiler

of plate company new setup installs a place to must accord with the normative requirement such as safe, fire control, boiler rectifies and reform all plate solid board sheathing floor companies that rectify and reform lag not to amount to mark to must not resume production. Is the United States right China is plywood made double turn over: of ruling China Department of Commerce? Exacting also eunuch? CCTV news

Posted on March, 12 2018 10:00:06 AM

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