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Subject : Furniture building protection
The anticorrosive wood is the wood that USES the preservative to penetrate and solidifies the wood, so that the wood has the rotten function of decaying bacteria and the function of biological damage. In the decoration design, many owners will adopt the outdoor balcony material. Outdoor use anticorrosive wood, bring warm and comfortable link to home life.
Preservative wood is processed by preservatives, and the preservative is not harmful to the human body. It is probably the most concern for consumers to choose how to process the preservatives to make it safe. The early anticorrosive wood used cca-c and B wood preservatives, which have some toxicity, but are less harmful because they are only used outdoors. Now, the acq-d, C, B wood preservatives have emerged, and the embalming wood, which has been processed by this kind of preservative, is passed by environmental protection standards and its toxicity is greatly reduced. The advantage of anticorrosive wood is: "anti-corrosion, anti-decay". As the name implies, anticorrosive wood is of course antiseptic, so more will be used as the outdoor floor material. Anticorrosive wood floor can effectively prevent the erosion of microorganisms, also prevent the moth, and waterproof, anti-corrosion, therefore can withstand the outdoor comparison of the harsh environment, don't bother to take care of. However, as an anticorrosive wood for outdoor use, its own thermal expansion is not controlled by special control, so the deformation is more serious.
At the time of laying anticorrosive wood floor, usually leaves the floor of the gap, need to make and is like hollow out of a plane, can open at any time, convenient cleaning or pick up dropped.
Anticorrosive wood floors are one of the main USES of anticorrosive wood, which can also be used to make other outdoor items. For example, tables, chairs, swings, grape frames, even wooden houses, as we often see in our home yards abroad.
Nowadays, there are more and more people living in villas in China, and it is also an interest to set up some anti-corrosion wood furniture in their own yard.
The price of anticorrosive wood furniture also is not expensive, and general furniture is similar. Although it looks rough on the outside, it is more consistent with the natural style. But will the anticorrosive effect be damaged by cutting? This is not to worry, because its processing technology, no matter how it works, its anti-corrosion performance will not be affected.
The price of anticorrosive wood is not cheap, because it is also solid wood, so its unit price is about 110 yuan per square meter. Although not cheap, but average family balcony area is not very big, still can be accepted, compared to common real wood floor, it still relatively cheap.
Choose anticorrosive wood, also choose to have brand, compare formal product, this ability is in quality and environmental protection have assurance. At present, to choose the quality of the hard anti-corrosion wood, or should go to the big building materials market to buy.
Corrosion protection has not been able to withstand the outdoor air and the sun's long life, and its processing process. How was the embalm made?
In a nutshell, is the wood into the sealed pressure anti-corrosion tank after processed, the anticorrosive agent with vacuum pressure internal pressure into the wood, preservative within the tissue penetration into the wood, can closely combine with wood fiber, so as to achieve the aim of anti-corrosion.
In order for the preservatives to enter the wood effectively, the wood itself has been specially screened. For example, wood and preservatives such as red pine in Europe can be closely combined with preservatives, so they can be used for a longer period of 30 years.
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Posted on January, 12 2018 08:30:21 AM

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