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Subject : somewhat to the limit
sawn timber trades somewhat to the limit of one's capacity, but what must point out is, show level off-season atmosphere still full-bodied add successive high temperature weather, pool boundary fence the market has new interest factor hard carry brace up, because this predicts sawn timber is short,line market is measured can the possibility of fall after a rise is larger. Before sunshine city 6 months export wood and furniture in

all 1149 batch Recently, the reporter prices for exterior decking examines from Shandong sunshine quarantine bureau understands, area under administration of 1-6 month sunshine exports wood and furniture in all this year 1149 batch, goods is worth thirty-three million eight hundred and eighty-three thousand dollar, be defeated by beautiful product to be 621 batch, seventeen million one hundred and tikar kayu dengan kemasan skid sixty-six thousand dollar among them,

hold exit total batch and goods cost respectively 54% , 50.7% . Shandong sunshine examines quarantine bureau reminds, the United States " act of standard of compound wood bamboo wood planks philippines formaldehyde " final and regular formal go into effect, relevant enterprise should pay close attention to change of standard of wood conveying the beauty closely, avoid exit to suffer an effect. As we have learned, the United States " act of

Posted on January, 11 2018 06:14:08 PM

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