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Subject : standard a batch
transfer a batch, standard a batch " principle, according to degree of deadline of the current situation of company safe production, replacement slats for garden bench property that use the land, contract, pollution, batch of cent category, cent, grading is small to whole town messy corrupt lumber company begins concentration punish. Zhao Anyou asks, the unit should take this

seriously highly related each small messy corrupt lumber company is special punish works, sufficient understanding is little messy corrupt maintenance free wood plastic board the importance that special punish works mixes lumber company sense of urgency; Each function branch should be built arrange a system, involve departmental door relevant Wood Plastic Composite Foam regulations system, should

have done talk things over cooperate, ensure repair work is begun smoothly; This punish should divide a category, fairness is treated,Cheap Deck Lumber according to company property and actual condition, do good correspondence to deal with the job, illuminate to having card, cover an area of illegally wait for behavior to want to depend on compasses

Posted on November, 15 2017 01:28:54 PM

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