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Subject : environmental protection
and director of 4 central environmental protection checks working circumstance collect What is group of superintend of central environmental all kind of wpc prodcuts protection -- group of superintend of central environmental protection is called " environmental protection imperial envoy " , take the lead by environmental protection ministry hold water, the China

Disciplinary Commission,composite board be used for a buried retaining wall medium the relevant leader of group ministry attends, Why should begin superintend of central environmental protection? 1, the problem such as tide of mist haze, black system of smelly, water, marine bare, soil contamination is highlighted, environmental risk is accumulated ceaselessly,moisture resistance composite board roofing already became the people's

livelihood suffer from, of common feelings of people painful. 2, leader of party card of a few places emphasizes economic society one-sidedly fence panels to decorate walls developing, ignore resources environment obligation, exchange economy to grow temporarily for cost with sacrificial environment, make the environment executes the law get more interference,

Posted on November, 14 2017 11:57:31 AM

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