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Subject : transition of wooden
to upgrade " , put forward to push measure of What Typ Of Dustbin Choose 29 when accelerate transition of wooden industry industry to upgrade specific policy; Support strength to increase pair of wooden industry industries, city industry leads fund will contributive 200 million yuan, create fund total scale not less than 1 billion yuan wooden industry industries grow

fund, pass the enlarge effect that leads fund,How To Build Decking On A Floating Roof attract more society capital to enter wooden industry industry, for wooden estate company the bankroll such as research and development of innovation of major project construction, technology supports. Linyi city established transition of industry of city timber wood plastic products application on car industry technically still to

upgrade leader group, built joint meeting system, decide every quarter holds joint meeting, harmonious solve an industry to develop major problem. install the wpc decking for public park To 2025 production value exceeds 300 billion Next Linyi city will be firm establish " innovation, harmonious, green, open, share " concept of 5 great progress, optimize ceaselessly around

Posted on November, 14 2017 09:10:44 AM

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